Who do I look up to?


O Captain, My Captain Scholarship Slam
United States

Since I was a little girl,
I asked myself,
"Who do I look up to?"
I believed the person I'd look up to
Would be my teacher, Mrs. Garza:
Mrs. Garza taught me everything I needed to know.
I thought the homework I'd do was to make me smarter.
Yet, I struggled with the first question.
My Mother helped me when she saw me struggling
And I'd complain when she'd butt in.
Then I met Mr. Ibarra,
And he was the coolest teacher ever.
We would talk and play games.
When I asked a question though,
He'd ignore me.
"Who do I look up to?"
Then I'd go home,
My Mother asked,
"How was school amorcito?"
I'd ignore her.
I reached an age
Where I began to understand things.
Realise things.
Realise that my Mother
Has been the person I've looked up to.
Those nights she stayed up with me
While I did my homework.
The compliments she'd give me
After I've done something good.
Those talks we've had.
Those amazing talks I would have with no one else
But my Mother.
Who do I look up to?
Well isn't it obvious who's been there my whole life?
My Mother.

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My family
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