Who do i have to be?

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 23:00 -- Reanna


About 90% of my life was wasted on trying to make everyone happy,

But still i could never satisfy many,

Countless times i changed my person,

Didnt care who i really was,

Everyone around me was a judge,

Few of them ever stayed in my life,

Good people are hard to find,

However, what we want and what we actually go after is very different,

I never looked for what i really needed, so those people never came,

Just the ones who love to use,

Kindly leaving their footprints on my heart as they left,

Lonleyness is what i always felt,

More and more came and left,

Non seemed to really love me,

Open arms is how i was to anyone around me,

Pretty much not caring who it was,

Quite not the way its suppose to be,

Rather the complete opposite and leaning more on desperate,

Still wanting the attention,

Time flew by so fast of all my wasted days and hours,

Unfortunatly i never learned my lesson,

Visions of one day being loved,

Well i guess i could just keep dreaming, 

X-stremely disapointing myself with my decissions,

Years spent trying to impress others while leaving myself behind,

Zig zanging my way through life, maybe one day ill find my right path.


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