Who Begs to Differ?


A lifetime of dreams
and things I have seen
I pause to reflect
in hopes others fair better yet
from the indifference and neglect

The neglect of seeing people as humans
regardless race or color consuming 
our imperfect notion
that somehow one group clings to its devotion

Our psyches warped to the letter
R A C I S M is to treasure
our vital signs
are still not much better

Climate control 
is as it is
Corona has distracted
this biz 
just for a minute

Yet who's 
in it to win it

As we are once united to the cause
not willingly
but forced to give pause
for it could mean our very existence 

Mankind is still at a distance
twisting each others arms
can't fix this
the test of time we miss it
or did we

There's breath in bodies isn't it
we're still alive
so to what conclusion
will we arrive

Do we still see with our eyes
or do we allow the spirit to keep time
not being force fed 
by the things we've been taught
by design

But gaining wisdom 
from a past that is lost
still being embraced
at what cost

Are we not better together
stronger whenever not wronged
gains longevity a new song
be written instead of just quitting 

There's light at the end of the tunnel
if only to see it
I can't believe I'm the only one
that needs this

At what risk do we take
for the greater good
for heaven sakes
make the right call

For one and all
as we're doing right now
it doesn't make sense
but we're doing it wow

Nation upon nation
pulling together
to weather this storm
is done for the betterment of life

There's no one contrite 
proves the improbable 
that anything's possible
we just need a made up mind
to do what's right

It doesn't call for a fight
just be polite
standing on the values
this country was built on

Loyalty and respect
for all people to get
life and liberty
the pursuit of happiness
equal rights

But for the greedy
this is not their plight
get that notion
out of my sight

Is what they say
it's better this way

This poem is about: 
Our world


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