who to be

I’m trapped in a cage of expectations
set by those who have close relations
to be who i am
but i can’t help who i am
i am the exception to the rule
me against the world, its a duel
no one can tell me what to be
because i am me

Caught between two worlds
one is taught one is learned
one knows things must be earned
nothing is ever free
not even love as i can see

Pursuit of happiness is what i am about
i live for the little moments of true bliss
from my first steps to my first kiss
everything gets cloudy with a mess like this
a mind full of matter
and a heart that is tattered

I’m the creator of messes
the maker of chaos
but in the end it all pays off
life isn’t living without risk taking
life causes real pain aching

skies are the limit
and time is the key
it’s running out soon i will
who i’ll be

to be who i am
to see who i’ll become
mother plus father and i am the sum
friends and family
is important to me
the people that help me see
who to be


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