who are you ( the realness)

who are you

not the name on your birth certificate 

where your mother and father ( if he chooses to be around ) can say your name

pronounce your name without sounding illiterate


who are you

i'm white

you sure you're white

why are you trying so hard to act hood

yet, you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth

and you rap like a goofy eninem wannabe

reminds me of john cena


who are you

i'm black

you sure you're black

if you're black, why are you alienating the black community

by conveying that they're inferior to you

furthermore, if you have nothing for me, i don't want to even associate myself with you

sounds like a jail goof name o.j.


who are you

i'm puerto rican

you sure you're boricua

then tell me why you look like a russian spy spiking your hair like a flat top

naming your two sons nikolai and gorbachev (however you spell that name, nobody cares)

i think her name is maria ( my ex colleague told me about )


who are you

i'm a dark skin dominican

you sure you're dark skin dominican

then tell me why you bleack your skin as white as ghost

and blame skin disorders for your preconceive notion that being dark is ugly

that sounds like sammy sosa


who are you

i'm half black, half spanish

you sure you're both

tell me why you're speaking with a fake brititsh accent,

and you're as tan as a hardwood floor

you're a girl i knew a long time ago by the name of octavia


who are you

i'm light skin 

from the dominican republic, use to live in washington heights

don't tell nobody that because where i'm from is shameful to talk about being poor

i would rather glamorize about living in miami

hide my accent, sound american, and speak half way spanglish

that sounds like a-rod


who are you

i'm a black man with a afro

who took a knee to protest peacefully

about social injustices, police brutality, and inequality

yet one of my own kind tells me to cut off my afro and present a cleaner image

that was a message from michael vick to colin kaepernick


what do these chronicles all have in common

what they all have in common is perpetual stereotypical notions that you need to look a certain way

seeking acceptance from corporate america

the world God created that is been mistreated by hypocrisy

where people ( the human flesh ) misquotes the bible maliciously to gain one's own selfish advantage

by any means necessary

my bible tells me in Romans 14:3 that the one who eats is not to regard with contempt the one who does not eat

and the one who does not eat is not to judge the one who eats, for God has accepted him.

people can masquerade their own ideas with intelligence by intimidation

where in actuality, people are deeply imprison with hate

1 Corinthians 13:1 saids that if i speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love

i am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

whether you like or not, you are God's creation

in case if you don't believe it

do me a favor, look in the mirror and ask yourself this honest question

who are you?







This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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I loved this. It rings quite a few truths.we say we are one ethnicity but we act like another.

Being whie isnt all that. Im bircial and even that isnt as glamours as people think it is

anyway thank you for this

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the luv and support

when i wrote this poem, i wanted to draw attention in raising awareness because i see alot of people masquerading to be someone their not

always be true to yourself and be proud of what The Lord created when He made you

people are more concern about chasing identity than authenticity.

God bless you and continue to inspire others


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