Who are you becoming?


Yesterday you wanted to be someone

Today is the day to work toward that someone

Tomorrow is the day when you can become that someone


If you’re working hard today

To you I say to keep working, for one day, you’ll be extricated

Tonight is nigh you’ll go home and rest

For tomorrow will be the day of your success


To those who gave in

The night is almost here

The car is headed in the wrong direction, but it can change only if you take the wheel

It’s bad to be out at night, out of gas, lost in fear, feeling bleak not being able to sleep in peace

So don’t run out of time, it’s a race so you better run time out


You can still drive the car from where you left off

So buckle up because this road is going to be a long one

And tomorrow you too can become the someone that you’ve always dreamed of


And to those who have slept through the night

Now that you’re awake, are you who you wanted to be today?

If you take a look back at when you were a kid

Would that kid be proud to see you today?

Or would that kid be disappointed?


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