Who are You?

Who are you?

Who are you, to hum aloud?

Who are you to pass us by

To grin like an equal, and say hi?


Who are you, to stand apart?

Who are you, to laugh alone?

Who are you to be so proud

To smile as you pass the crowd?


How dare you wave at us?

How dare you be indifferent?

How dare you march to your own beat

As you pass us on the street?


How dare you walk into a room

Your eyes meeting every stare

And smile to all as if to say,

"I'll stand alone, and that's okay?"


Yesterday, I watched you go

From my usual place in the group.

You raised your hands up to the sky

Like you could just take off and fly.


How can you be so happy alone

Like the kite that got away,

Broken string flying in the breeze,

Soaring high above the trees?


I don't even know your name

But I want you to know that I hate you

For marching alone, so utterly free

For being an 'I' while I'm a 'we'.


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