Who are you?

Who are you?
Are you black or are you white?
Are you skinny or are you fat?
Are you the definition of beautiful according to the standards printed by a blank face in the media?
Who are you?

Words are words with definitions created by man
So tell me, who sat down and said that beautiful was a body silhouette of a coke bottle,
blonde hair, stomach as slim as a model,
Who sat down and said that if I wasn't Beyonce then I wasn't good enough.
Was that person even a mirror image of the things we are pressured to be?
I doubt that, because what they defined was only what they wanted to see.

Beauty is the brightness that radiates off someones soul.
Beauty is the curve your lips when something makes you happy.
Beauty is the hand you reach out when someone is in need.
Beauty is hidden behind the superficial needs written in a magazine.
So who are you to judge me if you haven't taken the time to see beauty in its raw form.

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