Who Are You?

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 15:59 -- nalyar


My love for you was endless, like infinity times infinity; 

but that's too much I might just stress.

I gave you my heart and my soul and 

what I got back was lies and deceptions with other people.

I thought we had it all,

little did I know that my world was about to fall.

"We are equal" said the people.

But what led to my confusion was that illusion.

Cause no we are not equal, 

there are some thick and thin,

rich and poor but we are all beautiful.

But who are you to tell me how to live my life,

when all you have caused is grief and strife.

To thousands of innocents who trek along these lands for you,

and slave away to just end back the same way.

They say melting pot,

I say a pot of vinegar used to clean the bottom,

which was burned by the lies of the same people.

A world of difference,

a world of pain.

Who are you to tell me we are post racial,

when I see day to day my people die without justice.

My people locked in cages like animals

never to see daylight again,

but why?

Cause of you.

Your deceptions, 

your false assumptions of who we are. 

I was blinded,

I loved you.

But now I see that her torch lights what she can't see.

But I see,

and I see the trail of blood left with her light.

Her light of "justice",

her light of hypocrisy.

This is a system not a person,

but the system can help define a person.

Who are you?



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