Who Are You?

Who are you?

You aren't your weight, nor your height.

To your Beauty, I see right through.

Oh, what a pleasure it is to gain the sight,

Of who others are, past their view.

You're not a name,

You're not what they say,

You're the beauty in the sunrise, each and every day.

You're the Stars shinning in the night,

You're the child's imagination, aching for flight.

You're her favorite book.

You're the song he can't forget.

You're the breath in your mothers lungs,

You're the soft in your Daddy's heart.

You aren't who they tell you to be,

You are you,

Let yourself Fly Free.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Never let anyone tell you who to be. You are you. No matter your age, sex, height, weight, name, race, or orientaion, you are who you choose to be. Times get tough and days get hard, but don't give up. You are amazing. Don't change yourself for who others think you are. you do you, booboo.

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