Who are we

Who are we

Who can we be?

We go our whole lives being told we can be anything

but can we?

I think not

If we could all be what we wanted there would be no difference

would that be good

would it?

We each have to bear our cross, but some have heavier ones

some have small ones

but do they help?

We have the "problem generation" but where was our baby boom?

when can we?

Can we?

No, because this generation is too busy being told to lift itsef from it's bootsraps

just fit in?

nobody is the same

Where would someone "fit in" if there was only similarity?

so who are we

We are the problem generation

we are the fighters who won't kick back and enjoy the show.

We will fix things ourselves in the hopes that someone else will join us

We can make a change and we will be the ones to do so

because we

are the problem generation.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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