Who Are THEY?

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 13:43 -- Damiia

You think you know someone; I mean really know someone.

You think you know their nature, how they act, what kind of person they are.


Boy was I wrong

People are evil by nature, but their is always that inner light; that shread of human desency.

That light brings hope in the most dire of situations; It gives perpose in a sinful world.


But some are born without it.

They shead no tears for the baren, They show no mercy to the weak.

They pilage the villages of the meek, and burn the holy in a self-righteous inferno.

Their sole perpose is destruction;

They are apathetic, hateful, traitorous abominations.

They have no sense of loyalty; Jealousy is Their lover and Karma is Their mediator.


Ignorance holds Them captive; They revel in Malice

They do not love like you and I do; They use you as a means for their personal suceess.

What hurts the most about Them? They mean well, but end up destroying the things they love.

What happens to the people affected by Them?

They become what they hate the most, thus creating an endless cycle.

A cycle of Love & Hate; Life & Death; Truth & Lies; Right & Wrong; Just & Vindictive.


Who are 'They' you ask?

" We are the rust upon your gears

We are the insects in your ears..."

They are the darkness in the moon, They are the forces of impending doom

They are the whispers in the night, They are the fear that has your heart

They are Death's mark, They are the Reapers servants in the dark.


Who are they?...

They Are...... YOU


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