Who Am I? This Is Who I Am



I always think about who I was before I was born. Now , since I have been brought in this world , I wonder who I am.  Am I what Society tells me who I ought to be? Too fat, too thin, too ugly,  and that being enough is a battle that I can not  win? Or  is that the way how today's media just spins?  If it is, than am I the things that I have done right? Or the things that I have achieved? A young lady, confident, headstrong, a leader. In that case, am I saint ? A sinner? Or am I defined by the thing that I do? What about what others think of me? loving, caring, kind, passionate. If I am not any of those things or all of them; then I must be you. The problem is, We live in different bodies, we have different thoughts, so that can not be true. Therefore I am Me And I believe  that I am  the  hope that I have been holding on to, I am the change that I have wanted to see in this world, and I am successful because I know my value. This is who i am and what I’ll be, and that is what makes me complete.  It is the world who is unaware that I am so much more than what it sees.



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