Who am I?


Who am I?

By the time you are done reading I hope to teach not only YOU but ME something different about me

When you look at me I hope you can see past my physical attributes

 So you can focus on my inner beauty

I'm simply a courageous individual who focuses on the greater things in life

For instance, I'm breathing so that must make me full of life

But, let's dig deeper into the pain I feel

This makes me who I am


I'm outgoing don't get me wrong

But, I love to be correct, and hate it when i'm wrong

I'm not jealous, But I am self centered

I guess that's a trait that curses "only children"

When you see me I'm always laughing

That's because life is a joke so I chose to do stand-up for a living

I refuse to frown,  that makes you age quicker

That's why I always show my happy side, this makes me somewhat different


I'm strategic for those who don't know

I always have a plan A and B and NO, not for show

When I think about it, i'm always prepared for the darts life may throw

I refuse to live my life stuck up 

Simply because when I die i'll be buried in the same dirt as those "beneath" me

No, Money doesn't matter, especially once they bury me


I'm a withdrawn individual, I stay to myself

I like to explore the world to my own perspective

I like to see things for myself

I'm sensitive! I know that!

That doesn't stop me from speaking my mind and being prepared for a comeback

I put my trust in a select few not everyone can be trusted

I refuse to tell my business because a listening ear is also a running mouth

I always listen, that's why I have two ears and one mouth


I tend to be empathetic at times

When you tell me something, I like to know your pain

It helps me relate better

When people see me i'm usually alone

Because I know for a fact I won't cross myself so I ride alone

I'm very introversive what's happening in my head is more important then the bull happening around me

I'm crying for help inside I feel lost but nobody tries to find me


When you look into my eyes you see strength surrounded by pain

When I look in the mirror, I see a walking testimony still I stand 

I'm strong willed because I was raised to be

Sometimes I want to go far away

To a place where nobody will find me

I just want to gather my thoughts and figure out some more shit about me


I'm very articulate I know that

What's the point of being well spoken when i'm unfriendly so nobody knows that

I'm family oriented - I believe family is all I got

But on the real, sometimes I want to hide from them

So I can find myself without a doubt

I'm very mannerable 

To an adult, it's yes sir, No sir, Yes Ma'am No Ma'am

That's just how I was raised

When you approach me in a  vulnerable state

My gentleness will put you into great hands


When i'm around a group of people I tend to get distant

I refuse to let you into my closed circle, You may not be authentic

I tend to drift sometimes

I guess life is more intresting when you have a imagination

It speeds up time

When you see me, I look like i'm in a daze

That's becaue 9 out of 10 times I'm focused on when i'll see better days


This is me

This is who I am

This is who I will remain as forever

This is me from every perspective

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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