Who am I ?

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 19:33 -- nija123

Who am I?


which make me human to make many mistakes

Who am I?


Because I am someones little girl , who became someones girl, which turned out to be a statics girl

Who am I?


In and out , in and out of something i thought was called love

Who am I?

Plus Size

I will not let my size define who I am because I am ME

Who am I?

A Teenage Mother

Wasn't physically or mentally ready , but for you i got ready my superman

Naw , but really who am I?

I amconfused on how life is suppose to be

Cime after crime

Dme being brought after dime

Tens turning into moms

But , I am no different

I just want the world to be different !

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