Who Am I?

Questions of adequacy flood my mind.

Always thirsting and never full,

Like the moon to the waves - so close, yet so far.

The clock strikes twelve and the rain begins to pound -

Pushing and shoving and stirring what’s inside. 


Who Am I?

         Am I rich enough? 

         Am I attractive enough? 

         Am I clever enough? 

         Am I smart enough? 

         Am I ambitious enough? 

         Am I disciplined enough? 

         Am I independent enough? 

         Am I respectable enough? 

         Am I emotional enough? 

         Am I compassionate enough? 

         Am I honest enough? 

         Am I social enough? 

         Am I unique enough? 

         Am I funnY enough?

         Am I bravE enough? 

         Am I honeSt enough? 


My mind curdles into a bewitched slumber

And the sun rises.


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