Who Am I?


I'm the girl in the crowd you never notice

The girl who smiles even in pain

The girl you pushed aside for the cheerleaders 

The girl who wants to be heard

Ask me a question I'll be honest

The one who knows your lying but always falls for it

I'm the girl that gets her heart stepped on

Enemies and friends, I can no longer tell the difference 

I'm the girl thats growing stronger

Name calling and words of hate people supply me with

Why do you hate me when I try to be nice?

False rumors and lies are the only things I hear

So tired of going to sleep with my tears

I'm the woman who graduated

The one you put down and said I would fail

Now your quiet, what happened to your hateful yell?

My future is bright and I wish you the best

You taught all the tools I need to pass this life test

Farewell and Good Bye

Keep the rumors coming

While i rise to the top, you'll be on the bottom 

Regretting everything you said

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