Who am I?

I am a volleyball player

but I'm not full of myself

I am an honor student 

but I don't think I'm better than anyone else

I am a blonde 

but I'm not ignorant

I am short 

but im not typically fiesty

I am a christian 

but I dont hate gay people

I am dyslexic 

but I dont use my set back as an excuse

I am an italian 

but I'm not rude or loud

I am a lover of books

but I'm not anti-social

I am a skateboarder

but I'm not a boy

I am prone to disease

but I dont throw myself a pitty-party

I am a victim osteochondroma

but I'm not one to give up due to a few surgeries to remove a few tumors

I am a loving teen, who is more than what shows on the outside 

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