Who Am I

Who Am I

I am vain

Even though I also know

that I am lame

I walk around with my head held high

Despite the fact that deep inside I only want to cry

Who Am I

I myself don’t even know

Fore I have worn a mask for far too long

This mask has become me

I am only a shadow of what once use to be

Sulking around carrying darkness and despair

Watching from a distance of much light and happiness in the air

Who Am I

I use to be hated by many

And loved by few

But the mask

He is loved by many

And hated by one

He smiles so wide his teeth touch his ears

He nods with agreement to everything he hears

He has no opinion or any beliefs

Because he is only what needs to be seen

I am the one who hates him so

Due to the problem I’ve slowly become unknown

I have no say or any discussion

If I try to speak out in the open

He silences me saying we need to make a good first impression

Who Am I

If a stranger asked who I am

Only the mask would reply

They wouldn’t hear me screaming that it’s all just a lie

If only someone could tear him away

To find the real me underneath all this decay

But to this day

All I do here is lay

And the truth I sadly will never say

Who Am I

The true question isn’t who am I but who is he

Who is the mask that I’m supposed to be

He is fun, popular, and never depressed

Although deep inside I am hurt, unloved, and always stressed

He has no worries without a doubt

Besides me trying to get out

Who Am I

I am a lonely soul

Inside a living coffin

I am the one who put on the mask

Unknown to it’s great toll

I think about my troubles often

And I wish to go to the past

But it’s too late

Now I’ve sealed my fate

Forever behind a mask

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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