Who AM I?

Thu, 08/13/2015 - 21:10 -- aebj210

That girl in class who never speaks up.

The girl who IS smart enough to answer, but doesnt.

The girl who refuses to call attention to herself.

Who is that Girl?

I am.... 

The girl who doubts herself.

The girl who beats herself up over wrong answers.

The girl who is told time and time again how much better she should be doing.

the girl trying her hardest.

Who IS that girl?

I am...

The girl who thinks she may never be good enough.

The girl who judges herself more than anyone.

The girl everyone thinks is happy, but isnt.

The girl who says she "Okay" but is she really?

Who is that girl?

I am...


I am the girl that refuses to speak up in fear of being ridiculed.

I am the girl in class that no matter how much i know im right, I will never say I am. 


I am the girl who doubts and judges herself more than anyone else possibly could.

the girl who isnt Always OKAY. 


I am the girl that everyone knows.

But not for the ways she stands out, but for the ways she differs from the rest. 


I am the girl, when with friends who i trust, laughing the loudest.

I am also the girl who, when surrounded by practical strangers, will be the quietest.


Who am I?

I am Me.

And I am Okay with being me


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