Who am I?


Who am I?

I am Jasmine Crosby.

Who is she?

She's an independent, strong, African American who can be stubborn but is very determined.

She is that one person whose mind you change once she has made it up.

She's a go getter and likes to figure things out on her own.

Who is Jasmine Crosby?

She is an educated young lady who is strong willed and creative.

She is sometimes underestimated and likes to prove people wrong.

She is all about her education and puts it first.

Who is she?

She is someone who is ruled by numbers

Her GPA, her weight, and her age.

Although in her mind those numbers do not define her, they might to others.

Who is Jasmine Crosby?

She is very artistic and caring

She is that one person in the classroom daydreaming and doodling in the corner.

She is always creating something new and loves art

She can be quiet sometimes but is never afraid to speak her mind and voice her opinion.

Who is she?

She is someone who is sometimes told that what she want to do in the future isn't good enough

She is someone who will pursue her dreams no matter what

She will achieve her lifelong goals of owning her own bakery

Who is Jasmine Crosby? She is so many things. But who is she? Jasmine is me, and that's all I

could ever be.

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