Who Am I?


Who am I? 
I ask myself this question repeatedly
An Asylum within my mind
Every room holds some secrecy 
Who am I? 
Now that's the question of the century, 
We change everyday into the person we were meant to be 
Now that's destiny 
Or fate if you can take it
A seal over my soul in hopes that no one breaks it 
Cause that's dangerous 
To see what I am thinking,
Insanity is breaking 
And I need some mental healing 
Cause I'm damaged
And I need the pain to go away 
But life is such a struggle 
That we only really have one way 
So I stay 
Keep going with progression 
Can't give up on myself 
Keep it moving 
In one direction 
But it's upsetting
I cry when people not around 
"Joel how you doin?" 
Now I'm forced to just crack a smile 
Make em proud 
I keep questioning myself 
"Is what I'm doing worth it?" 
"Do I really need some mental help?" 
Who am I? 
Or should the question be 
What am i?
I cant even get an answer
Everyday is an extension to question failed to answer 
Who am i?
It seems there is no right answer
Mad, I ask my inner self 
And it's response is like the Hatter,
Who are we?
So again it's this insanity, 
Repetition of this crazy world 
And the only thing that matters is 
Who am I? 


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