Who Am I

Who am I, that's a great question, I'm a little loud, and a bit obsessive, I can be quiet that's also true, I work hard for those who never knew, I'm a bit selfish, but carrying too, just ask any one, they'd say it's true, I can love you to death, or hate you to pieces, There's no imbetween, there's no guessing, Who am I, you'd like to know, I keep secrets buried in a hole, I'm a secret writer that hides her words, I'm afraid of rejection, and mindless words, If I had to tell you in a couple of words, I'm a scared little girl, in a big world.

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I love the sun and I love the moon,

But could you guess that I loved you too,

I love your eyes and the way they change,

From a charcoal to a darkining grey.


I love your smile and the way it sways,

Like your'e joking about something but won't say,

I love your hair,

That messy due,

the texture of it and how it fits you,

The brown and blonde mixed togther,

The shortess of it in the summer wheather.

I love your spirit,

The way you're free,

But most of all I love that you love me.



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