who am i?

Who am i? are we supposed to be judged by the color of our skin? maybe thats just the society we live. i know one thing for sure. i love who i am. do you? the hatred us women have for ourselves is un imagineable. all us women are yelling brown skin,darkskin light skin and we fell to realize when we check in to heaven our color has no essence but yet on earth we let our society put us in this cateogory. then we ponder on why boys not even mean dont respect us. well because respect comes from with in and until you stop and say i am not going to be classified by my skin. we as a people will always be seen as nothing so i say to you do really know who you are?

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hi i was wondering if i could use your poem but i would of course give you credit. i just wanted to know if it was okay to do so

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