Who am I?

I dread to answer,

A question like this.

So I pause...

A pause so long,

It's almost forever.

But then,

I begin...

If the truth is to be told,

It's that,

I am...


Like the mystery of the worlds existence,

And the building of the pyramids.

You just see me,

Hear me,

And if let close enough,

Feel me.


My presence goes without saying.

I am the Night,

That creeps upon the Day.

I bring a soothing calm,

To all which stirs under my watch.

I bring comfort,

To all the broken souls.

Enveloping them,

In My blanket of peace,

Which makes all around,

Stand Still...

I am the Sea,

Vast in Knowledge,

Deep in Understanding,

Infinite in Reason.

Sometimes I get rough,

And my anger rises with the tide!

...But don't worry...

A storm never lasts forever.

I am the Rainbow,

Of the promise of Old.

I represent all who seek,




But Sadly,

When I answer your question,

Of 'Who am I?'

I never do feel,

That you get the real picture.


Through your mirrors,

I am made distorted.

I see a reflection,

That makes me cower...

Is it that I am judged,

By the color of my skin?

"You're dark!" You may think,


I thought chocolate was a heavenly delight!

So sweet...

...So Addictive...


(some may add)

I know I for one can't get enough of it!

Or is it the kink,

In my long thick hair?

That reminds you,

And me,

That I am African Descent...

I dont'care!

Causev I am proud of it!

"No!" You say,

Then what is it?

What is it that makes you not see-

Me, for Me?

Ohhhhh! Now I get it!

You say you have risen...

Risin above the dark cloud of Slavery,

Risen to see all man,


Brothers and Sisters...

All loved as ONE.


I am still prosecuted,

This Time...

For the very same 'LOVE',

You claim to give so freely.

You acll me a freak of Nature,

But I see myself,

As the Fountain of Joy for it,

After all...



Did I just say that?

Never mind,

It's not a secret.

You look at me as if in disbelief.

Immediately putting me on trial,

In the seats of your mind.


I laugh at you like Bob Marley,

And flash my natty dreds with a turn of my head.

For atleast I know!

I know who I am!

But you!

For you I worry.

As you fools are still in Slavery,

Mental Slavery!

Chained and Confined,

Behind the Bars of Reason,

Shackled in the Chains of Self Righteousness.

None but Yourselves,

Can free your Mind!


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