Who am I?


When I look back,

I see glimpses of memories,

the colorful moments that have shaped me

in every way.


I see my parents,

one minute harmonious,

and the next minute hateful,

my world torn in half.

It was a split in my life,

but a split easily filled

with more faces,

and more love,

nothing was lost,

but so much was given to me.


I see jet streams

sending me from town to town.

From lush beaches

with warm water washing over my toes,

smelling fresh rice,

and surrounded by the people I love.

To smog-filled cities,

spiritless by day,

shining by night.

They inspire me, creating an addiction

to see the endless corners of earth.


And then I see music,

ups and downs,

joy and sorrow,

the best way to help me

solve my problems.

It has taught me

my most valuable lesson,

in that you don't have to speak

to tell a story.


Sometimes I find my mind wandering

not knowing who I will become...

Until I find that

if I just recall my past,

my future self is unpredictable,

but I know exactly who I am.



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