Who Am I

I am sand 

Built of different parts


If each piece of me stood alone, it would be overlooked, useless—abortive

A grain of sand separated from its body


Parts that are smooth to the touch 

Parts of filled with sharp shells, put there to keep people from reaching a hidden layer


Dig far into shell infested sand until it becomes resistant 

The surface is easy, but under my surface are experiences of my past that I have buried in the shadows of newer years


No matter how deep into the ground they are pushed, these experiences will always be a part of me

Broken pieces of my heart left in the past that will be forever the reason I am who I am today

The drive


People who have reached this deepest layer of sand are the people who will be in my life forever 

The inspiration 


Like sand is changed by waves and wind, I am changed by the years of my existence


Who will I be shaped into next?


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