Who Am I?

Who Am I?

A mother with no kin,

A wife with no husband

An artist with no drive

A dreamer with no faith

I sew, I clean, I cook, I wash

I don’t ask for tit for tat

I care, I give, I love, I cry

I am a stone, with a crystal inside

Protect myself from those unworthy

Only shine to those who see me

I do for others before myself

With no rebuttal and a sweet smile

A tender heart connected with my sweetheart

A teenage love, that is true and rare

My other half loves me so

Misplaced anger from a fake maternity

Hope from the imagination of a child

Belief from from the immaturity of one

Determination to feed my soul

Hardships fill my life

And a vacant childhood

Only filled with lies and grief

To start my own with faith, truth, and trust

I am strong, faithful, meticulous, and logical

I am me, I am Crystal.


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