Who am I?

Who am I ? by Allison Hernandez


Who was I, just a kid with a big imaginary dream

Who enjoyed to go play at the park and eat chocolate ice cream

Who was I a little girl who wanted to grow up so bad and face the big cruel world by herself

Who thought that the world was just made up of princesses, fairies and elves

Who was I a 13 year old in middle school who wanted to be cool and popular

But who everyone always saw an outsider or foreigner

Who was I a girl who never understood her wrongdoings and who always made mistakes as she grew up

Who always had ideas but at the end she just gave them up

Who was I a lost girl who just wanted to grow up and enjoy life

Who wanted to find someone who loved her and made her a wife

Who am I now? A lost soul who can’t find herself in this world

Who can’t describe herself with any word

Am I kind? Sweet? Smart? Stupid? Or useless?

Who am I? I don’t want to grow up anymore

I am afraid to face the world by myself

Oh don’t we all want to end oneself?

Can I make it? Will I make it?

Can’t find me in this place, so I take a look at my face in the mirror which lies to me

Every time I ask myself, will I pick up my pace?

Who am I? What’s my persona and where can I find it

I want to dream, I want to fly, to a paradise where I won’t cry

I am growing up, I can’t give up

I have to try, no I won’t die. I am stronger now, I will show you who I will be

There won’t be no more tears in my eyes, no more wondering Who am I?




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