who am i

nothing can be seen
it's pitch black with all the darkness with in me
there's only a ray of light to find my way
my way to the old me
from the sun tot he moon in a flash
can;t remember who it feels to be in the sun
in the warm, bright, smiling sun
i'm in the shade of the moon
the dark, cold, mischievous moon
butterflies are bats
my heart says no
my mind says yes
i try to keep the darkness with in
so it won't hurt anyone
it doesn't, yet i want it to
i'm tired, tired of being a puppet
of people pulling my strings
i use to be a dog listening to my master
but now i am the boss of my own destiny
no one can tell me who i am
what i am
and what i will become
the evil is silently growing
the good is fading away
the old me vs. the new me
who i want to be is misguided
who i truly am is lost
lost in a sea of emotions
the puzzle of life has confused me
i will listen to both
but not act
i will chose the one in the end
for the right one for me is the one that is me


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