Who decided that this was our world ?

Who got the say in who is treated what way ?

I've truly never understood how people can hate other people

I believe NO one is born with hatred for anyone, 

race, sexuality, religion

Who knew people cared so much about what other people are,

Maybe it's just the way I was raised,

but even if I wasn't raised the RIGHT way,

I would never let anyone tell me what I though was wrong,

People give the excuse of "I was raised this way"

yet constantly preach the words of change and exceptence,

People do change,

Being raised in a certain belief or minset does NOT give you credibility for your actions,

Who knew that 153 years after slavery was abolished,

that there would still be RACIST PEOPLE,

Who knew that 3 years after legalization of same sex marriage,

that people would still take a SECOND LOOK,

Who knew that people cared to HATE other people

Most importantly,

Who knew that this generation,

Will be the generation to change this


This poem is about: 
Our world


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