who am i?

i am a girl, with issues, i hurt, i feel, i cry

i am a flute, who loves her "children", who leads an army, who cares

i am a cutter, who is healing, who is hurting, who is helping others

i am a friend, who listens sometimes, who cares for few, who loves none

i am a daughter, who is apparently wonderful, who is apparently beautiful

i am a daughter, who makes my mother cry, who makes my mother worry, who lies to my mother

i am blob on the face of the Earth, i take up space, i breathe air

i am a marching knight, proud, confident

i am a marching knight who wants to win, who wants to win, who wants to win

i am all this and more, words do not express who i am, words only express a fraction of who i was, am, and will be


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