White Privilege, A Controversial Issue

Many people don't like to be controversial

Or to talk about complex topics or issues.
Serious problems exist to be solved, tissues
Exist to wipe out faces that are not special.
The color of the skin is only a cover, however
Ignorant or racist people make a big deal about
Others whose skin pigmentation is darker or lighter.
A privileged white has more opportunities, more routes
To reach the plateau of success. He or she has almost
No preconceived ideas or biased reactions as a barrier,
While others with a different skin tone is at a lost,
At the first glance, regardless or past success or career,
Black people are harassed for no reasons, the open
Season is every day. The justice system is not fair to them.
They're convicted before the trial. Public or private opinion
Is rarely in their favor. The public is brainwashed and damned.
White privilege is more than one can imagine. You have to be
The victims to feel the injustice. You have to be non-white to feel
The ugly racism. Quite often, it's uncomfortable and sad to deal
With things that are beyond your control. Things can get very nasty.
White privilege will remain controversial until all parties can see
And comprehend the magnitude of the problems. Because nobody
Looks for excuses to be stupid, fiendish, racist and unreasonable.
Vying for a time where humans, with different shades, will be noble.

Copyright © January 2019, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved.
Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry

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