White Collars and Black Crosses


So I'm suppose to sit here like I have no sense?

Your white collars praise the past so there's no past tense.

If you can't live in the past there are no regrets,

and your water still expects us to pay infinitive debts.

If He loves us all, He loves the one that loves the same;

and if we're all equal there's no one here to blame.

No one can pass judgement no matter how high,

and it helps to burn the trees to help forget the lies.

Over a thousand and I still can't believe your pages.

I'm suppose to keep my tongue in a cage,

and as I watch your spit escape I become enraged.

So many forced beliefs you cause self hatred.

It's not a sin to glance and have not yet tasted.

Yet threaten with sins as if that is everything awaited.

The forbidden fruit wasn't bad but it showed good and evil,

and now bad bitches overpower good girls and use it as a lethal.

We have transformed the beginning,

but that doesn't affect underpinning.

I can't say not to walk with a cross,

but if anything goes wrong remember everything has flaws. 


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