I've heard your whispers down the hall

you said maybe if I was thinner, or wasn't as tall

Maybe I'd be "pretty"

You make fun of the scars and you tell lies

I ask you does it make you sleep better at night? 

To watch me cry?

Do you feel superior when you beat me down?

I wouldn't know as I wouldn't try

the stuff you do and the lies you tell,

You call me names and you yell

you beat me down and make me feel like hell

and while it hurts you seemed pleased

That when I cry you smile

Because my pain is your success?

When I'm broken down it means you've done your best?

When all along the thoughts of suicide reside in my mind

but in yours it's about how you look good on the outside?

So I ask you, how are you feeling inside of you?

It's almost black, rotten to the core

You say mean things to hide your pain, and I know this

as I also know how much it hurts

there's something going on inside of you

a fight, a war, turbulence to the core

Your heart is shaking and breaking

but you wouldn't want anyone to know

so you're faking.

You act happy and you act tough

all awhile life has been rough

I understand, because that was once me

not able to open about my feelings

not ever willing to admit

that maybe I need help

man oh how I wish

that was something I did

when I was you

to change myself into something else

So that I wouldn't hurt nobody or myself

So that I can be a better person

and I can teach others to be one too

and maybe someday I can even teach you.

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My community
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Our world
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