Whispering Eyes

Dragged out of my chest,

my veins searched for it’s source of


She was not there.


The look of shame in her eyes.

The disappointment in her voice.

I am not what she assumed,

what she expected me to be.

I am different and she is



She took everything.

They both did.

I was nothing.


I was alone,

left with hateful whispers of

what I would become.

The terribleness of my nature.

But I ignored their stares, becoming who I am meant to be,

realizing who I was and

where I stand as myself.

Although I strive, they haunt

me, still watching my every move.


Her eyes and his.

They pressure me still.

My parents.

Trying to get me to believe and to be what

I am not nor who I wish to be perceived.


Only through

the vision of their eyes.


This poem is about: 
My family
Guide that inspired this poem: 


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