A Whisper In My Ear

I’m laying here& bae,

I can hear the whispering of your voice

A beautiful voice

That pledges

-Pledges the world to me

Sweetly into my ear

Very well unknowingly

In that spot that only you know

Soft& tenderly

-provokes me

To be that woman you are looking for

Desiring to love& so much more

Just by being who I am

But to you I am your friend

Not a lover

Just one of your ‘good buddies& an ol’ pals’

Now I can hear you voice stronger

&bae was I wrong

It wasn’t sweet whispers

It was the roaring of the TV.

With the guys arguing amongst themselves

-this is the reality that messed up my fantasy

I look up& I see you over there with her

All up on your lap

I look at her

Then I look at you

My heart aches

Like it’s being beaten at

I look away trynna be strong

But I can’t

Tears threatening to explode from my eyes

Pulsing- my brain

I’m tired of seeing these same kinds of women

That come into your life& make you’re life cold

I’m tired of seeing them run you down

Like you're some thief in the night

Boy…. I know, you know better

This same type that would insult you before they complement you

Want to always have that power& control

The ones that don’t appreciate you

Don’t give a ^#&* about you

When you’re down& out

My shoulder is always there for you

-just there waiting


God knows I appreciate you

& like him, I would never forsake you

I cherish the time that we share


At the end of the day, my feelings for you

Grow stronger

I am that thing you…

That woman you are longing for

But you have to want to be there



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