Whisper to me

Softly, in my ear

Those words I long to hear

That set my soul burning

Sends my heart yearning

Those words that keep my world turning

Whisper to me 

Those words 

So I can feel the breath of life they give

Make me strong to face the life I live

Whisper to me

So I can hear your voice in the darkness

When I'm lost

When I close my eyes

Whisper to me

So I can hear your voice in the confusion

So I can hear the truth

Instead of the lies

Whisper to me 

Those words, from you, I long to hear

Whisper to me

Those words

I don't care what they are

Just whisper them to me

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I love this. It really highlights the yearning for any type of closeness you feel when you're in love.


Thank you for your kind words.  This is the first time I've e posted something so other people can read it.  


amazing! Such a beautiful poem!


Thank you.  I'm happy that you like it.  I hope to write more so I can share them. 

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