Wed, 02/19/2014 - 23:59 -- sfasulo


while you dream at night
your eyelids whispering
telling you of the things deep inside your head
i lie awake underneath the night sky
whispering to the stars
about the way i see them reflected in your eyes
even when the night is nowhere to be seen
i whisper to the pillows caressing my head
and tell them of how the flutter of your heartbeat beside my temples
as i lie my head on your chest
caresses my soul
do i even have a soul?
or is my soul just a whisper
a whisper of the love i have for you inside me
gently scraping its way out to the surface
perhaps that is death
the whisper inside me finally escaping my lips
lifting me up to the stars
so they can caress my head
while you dream at night
your eyelids whispering


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