Whisked Away

Sun, 06/26/2016 - 22:26 -- kitart

Whisked away by his words, I twirled

In an ever downward spiral -

A dance only viewed by four walls.

And he said to me, "I'll never leave."

Words I believed 'til the end.


There were five simple things I counted on

Day in and day out that wouldn't change.

No matter the weather, or what have you.

Not tangible, no, but forever

As far as my life is concerned.


One - The sun will always rise -

Regardless of if I wish it to

Or not. It pays no mind

To the desires of a foolish girl's

Ramblings on and what she requires


Two - The sun will always set

And my world will be left

In the dark, the same with my heart,

And the light of the moon

Is undependable at best.


Three - Death is inevitable

And I don't want immortality.

To watch the ones I love

Die over and over again

Is torture with no end.


Four - Hope exists

Despite how bleak it can be,

Or rather how negative I am.

It's there for me when I need

It to be, though not always obviously.


Five - "I'll never leave."

Was I so certain that these

Words were immortal,

I would bet my life but

Not his.





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