Who am I you ask?

I’m rather unsure.

I’m a wimp, and unskilled.

Forever alone.

I’m hopeless, Self-hated,

And nervous I’ll be

Deserted, forgotten,

Left out in the dark

I’m depressed and obsessed.

I’ve never moved on. 

The skies eyes, they loved me.

Where did I go wrong?

Embraced by the blade,

The sorcerer’s curse,

It spoke those sweet nothings,

I’ve never quite heard.

I could feel the pain seeping.

Escape through these veins.

But I push it in deeper.

And hope for that place.

That place where I’m happy.

I’m all by myself.

No one can find me,

Or save me as well.

I felt the world ending,

When nothing was there.

The light in the tunnel

Was merely a glare.

Yet seemingly so,

It all got so thick.

The dark clouds surrounded,

And swept me up quick.

The rain came to save me.

Its broad arms extend.

I opened my eyes,

And breathed all it in.

The droplets of water

Pour down my head.

A chill comes from nowhere,

and loosens my grip

I see myself clearly.

What life have I chose?

I let those control me

Who can’t love themselves

I feel hated and loved,

And sad and I’m proud.

The wind can keep pushing,

And I’ll get up from the ground.

These thoughts are so different

They’ve never been seen.

Am I my own person?

Do I really have meaning?

You clouded my judgment.

Rejoiced in my hurt,

But now I see through you

I see my self worth.

I’ll love you. I’ll hate you,

Miss when you’re gone.

I’ll dream and believe

Real life’s not too far.

I’ll be happy and hyper.

Excited and thrilled.

The time, “it’s a changin’”

My esteem, it will too.

I can get up and fight,

Stand for my heart.

I’ve been held, and compelled,

To find my new start.

The cold that surrounds me,

Fades to warmth.

It’s filling my mind,

Refreshing my soul.

Theses winds, they get strong.

The questions erase.

I start to feel strong.

The blade’s pushed away.

I’m a beast, a hawk,

It’s what I do best.

I have heart, and a life.

It’s all right on track.

I have talent and grace.

A smile on my face.

Your words have no meaning,

Your opinions, no taste.

It’s my life I’ll live,

Not yours and not his.

I have what it takes,

To complete this small wish

I have learned I’m alright.

Okay on my own,

It was never your right,

To haunt my own home.

People have left,

And people have stayed,

And through my own journey,

I’ll continue to change.

But that’s all the fun.

To see who I become.

I’m the strength of my dreams,

I can reach to the sun.

So who am I, you ask?

I’m really quite grand.

And I’ll love myself,













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