Which way?

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 11:02 -- Justme3

Which way do I go up or down left or right Who's the same in this life But in reality who's to say in this life? Do I do What's right or do I do What's wrong when I at the same time I don't even know what's right or wrong because I've been done so wrong I can't imagine what's right so I asked myself Over and over which way do I go is that wrong because I don't realize what's right but in reality I know And have Common sense yea Common Sense is what or who's to say we all have it is truly a gift or a curse nightmare to say i have common sense or to say common sense is real or is wrong or right to say we all know what's truly wrong but hey your always right,Right that's right for God sakes or wrong see how confused it seems when your coming apart at the seams,which Way do I go if I don't realize what's what or which way is which From the h*** I go through day to day to day, night to night so I constantly say which way,? does that make it right its truly a fight that you wouldn't understand that and now today I'm so for over it all ,of you your childish fits that's takes the cake of them all,all, i stand tall or just let go and fad which way thats the #1 question of this all ,which way? I don't really realize im the strongest of them all but from outside looking in I look weak and act small , cause I'm confusing this thing I call life,and it truly means that I doubt thee because its way to much and a lot of people around me with alterior motives negativity surrounds me I try to lay in peace but who's To say what or what is or isn't peace in this life is it death I don't know I guess is life blessed not knowing its just a cover up in daylight my its a mess but sometimes I sit and feel that death gotta it just gotta to be easy because life is not always kind and truly hard or is life what you make it which you tell me because truly this battles not ours but we fight good or bad as if its ours but how do I know its true that its not mine or is there truly a higher power is so why do i feel joy and pain as if its all mines but you tell me keep faith that the battles not ours its the higher powers is this life truly ours, ours to borrow & pray for better days tomorrow shit just for the next second minute and hours which way?I continue saying and asking thyself day-and-night It's sad I beg I question myself is that wrong because I don't realize what's right but at the same time I know I have common sense so in reality I did know what's right from wrong left right up-and-down day-and-night sitting wondering away on this precious thing they call the best life,Let's endure the pain when people say that's OK it'll get right that's OK your stronger than you look you know that right,is that true of course atheist that's what I believe even walking through the deviks house trying to escape day and night dies that make me strong weak,make your feelings feel better is that right Some people judge your life sometimes they're wrong something I'm right but we try to go up left down and look That gave you the same words confusion i know right well hey they say that's life NO YHATS MY LIFE ,us As a person we fight day-to-day and night to night hour AFTER HOUR whos to say it's OURS minute by minute I GIVE IT a second try but I'm leary and timid I tried to figure out what's going on with this power control In this cold world of ours in THIS life THAT'S SAID TO NOT TRULY BE OURS, right?It only HAS me saying Which way do I go when my life is not fresh and pure like angel sent with a unforgettable BEAUTIFUL SCENT OF fresh flowers I do and move as I thought accordingly but yet and still u cross me way better than u cross a street I try and figure out why me WHUCH way do I go when I love and give so very DEEPLY what do I SAY EVERYTIME YOU WEBT ASTRAY which way? do I feel when deep down the pain the hurt is embedded in me sits still how to know which way to go do I forgive for me or do I dwell yet and still at the same time a voice comes to me saying which way? do I go which way? do I live when I know I'm here for a reason because boy have I had times when I seen the light spoke with him was that the higher power sent me back here to question which way?do I go from here~~~.Always Keep ~Your~ ๐Ÿค โค ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’™~ ๐Ÿ–ค Pen~

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