For Which She Stands


She stands atop our tallest structures,
She stands low upon the ground.
She stands across our nations,
And where our soldiers may be found.

She stands for our great achievements,
She stands at the scenes of great despair.
She stands aboard our mighty ships,
And in the wind she flies in air.

She stands for our people's freedoms,
She stands for the rights of all.
She stands to save the oppressed,
And never will she fall.

Aye, she has been lowered,
But yet again she has been raised.
She returns with great resolve,
In even our darkest days.

She stands for a great government,
She stands for the people too.
She has stood the test of time,
If only others knew.

She stands in her stars and stripes,
In colors of red, white, and blue.
She stands against usurpers,
And she stands forever true.

She stands for a united nation,
She stands in 50 scenes.
She stands for the United States of America,
We the people, and our dreams.


This poem is about: 
My country


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