Which is it?

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 14:19 -- namjad

There's no such thing as justice b

it's just us

wishing justice

just was

you see?

or so they say

as mothers and fathers are torn away

"immigration! what's your status?

latest news on the channel is you crossed the panama channel

came to the states, united under one rattle

the kids can stay but you?


so they went

dismal crying dismantled and in distress

off to their separate ways

they only stayed together for the children you see?

"now it's just us", said the kids, young and under 20

"wishing justice, just was"

don't you see the distress

how the government has undocumented civilians  ripped in
shards from stress

ligaments in Brazil, some in Africa or in Seville

but their hearts?

some neighborhood in Queens

held together tightly by their princes and queens

young barely out of their teens

but the Supreme Government, with its divine laws it seems

just cares for legalities

seams of the families

strewn on the ground

no hope and no clarity

"just us, b

now just let us be"


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