Where's my dad?

Dad I’m calling for you but I seem to never get an answer,

Hellooo daddd can you hear me?! ,

Your sitting right here I can see and touch you, but are you just

A figment of my imagination? I don’t know I don’t understand.

ANSWER ME! ARE YOU LISTENING! I need you dad! Help me! ,

I am drowning in tears calling for you, but still there is nothing but silence.

Dad I need to ask you something, son can’t you see I’m busy on the phone! ,
Can’t seem to ever get your attention,

But too busy to realize that my life is changing right in front of him,

Never mind dad it’s too late life already gave me a living answer.

Looking in the crowd at my first game yet again you wasn’t there,

Dad my mom sending me away to Boys Town still you wasn’t there.

Dad I turned 18 today are you happy now. Can you see me now?

So now you can see me now you tell me you’re proud,

I was your only child, but it seems like I still had to fight for your attention.

It’s okay my mom raised a strong, smart, and caring young man without you,

Without you I am graduating with a football scholarship,

Without you, I changed for the better heading down the path of greatness.

Thank you for teaching me how cruel the world is,

Thank you for donating $300 a month for 18 years,

Thank you for teaching me to be a man oh wait that wasn’t you,

Thank you for going through the hard times I was going through,

Again, that wasn’t you.

I’m 18 now I guess it’s one less bill for you to worry about.



Written by Kentrell Fuller Sr.



Kentrell Fuller Sr.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



A poem has never hit this close to home you are and exellant writer.


A poem has never hit this close to home you are and exellant writer.

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