Where You At?


“Where you at?” sails through the air
Approaching 4G speed
A varied vibe and patterned pulse
Illuminates the screen 
The familiar buzz that grabs the brain
A tantalizing hook
The tempting chime, enticing ring
Provoking him to look
With flick and flitter of the eye
He tries to steal a peek
While glancing at the yellow line
He veers and swerves and dekes
“Where you at?” awaits reply
As he goes ‘round the bend
The line approaches quick
But he’s too busy hitting send
Screeching tires, shattered glass
Front ends and windshields pound
And fling and spiral in the air
And smash onto the ground
A grinding, scraping, piercing sound
The buzz no one should hear
The metal jaws that peel and rip
And tear away and shear
It can’t be true, ‘cause we just talked
It’s all way too surreal
One minute he’s alive, the next
He’s crushed in mangled steel
“Reckless drivers never learn,”
The patrolman sharply spat,
“Between two lanes without a clue
That’s where he was at”


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