Where Violence went wrong



Where violence went wrong

So I’m sitting in my room all alone

Wondering and wondering

Where violence went wrong  

Was it when Tupac was supposedly killed by Suge Knight?

People really to take a stand then right?

Or was it when that boy shot up his School

Sending out the message that violence rules

Or was it not even last year

When gangbangers and drug dealers corrupted us with fear

I think, that I’m beginning to see

That the reason violence continues

Is because of you and me

Let’s take a look back at what society did

In November of 2010 when a man

Killed his own kid

Didn’t know that did you

That’s because that’s something higher power

Didn’t need to get through to you

You see, they need you not to fully understand

All the violence in the community and the power it demands to

Overcome it

Well it’s time to take a stand like they did when king died

Nonviolence didn’t last for long but at least they tried

You want to know how the shame of violence became known to me

I think it was when I heard about a boy being shot for carrying tea

It also became known that racism was back

Because the reason for his death is because his ethnicity was black


Has taken over peoples brain cells

And now they’re locked up in jail cells

Yet they continue to sell

And to make it worse

They talk about it in songs like its ok

But because of that message

People are dying everyday

You see when violence can exist in the rhythm of a song

That’s when you know

Where violence went wrong




Witty,wish I had a mind like that!

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