Where Is My Freedom Of Speech?

I entered many poetry competitionsStill never won a medal or suchThey all commented back to meAnd tell me I lost since I rhyme too much Many competitions still are pretty discriminateNot by race but definitely on how I writeBut I'm not giving up on rhyming poetrySo I'll still do my best to fight I may be borrowing a poet's next lineBut I'll still like their as like a simileSince poetry has no rules or regulationsAt least have the decency of choosing me I'm originally the dude behind the soundTrying to be the dude behind the microphoneI come in with a smile and metaphorsBut leave with groans and a homophone If you say this poem rhymes too muchI should not be denied like a text fileIf you are not into rhyming poetryThen tell me why do you like watching 8 Mile Poems like mine still do tell a storySo don't waste them like in a trash binIf you love poetry so much, then showSupport and just let a rhyming poem win

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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