Where Is The Love?

Wed, 03/12/2014 - 10:41 -- Saporah

Divided this world remains,

we judge by skin color, but we're really all the same.

Every man for himself in this life,

familiar with wrong, but a stranger to right.


Ugly words are always said,

parents are scared to sleep at night in their own beds.

Murderers, rapers, and sex offenders walking around,

hunting for helpless females just to get down.


Can't trust the police,

young teenage boys live for the streets.

Teachers aren't teaching,

preachers stop preaching,

not enough young people believing,

in theirselves because they don't understand life's full meaning.


Seems like we all forgot who put us here,

the credit is due to the man above.

Why is itso hard for man to get along,

but most importantly, where is the love?


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That was so DEEP.... and so true! Keep writing poems your a great poet. Loved it <3 You should check out my poem! :)


Thanks :) and i will do that right................now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P


Hey, how do i view your poems? :P

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