Where is the Justice, Where is the Love

I can’t believe this

girls missing school

not because they’re sick

or they think it's cool

But because they’ve been mistreated

so much so that they

signed away their souls

to notes of suicide

to blood drops on the floor

to a prescription written overdose

She was sixteen when she hung herself from the shower

only a week after

a night she couldn’t remember what happened

But the marker drawn on the walls of her temple remember

who was there, who didn’t belong

A sea of shame 

when school mates mocked

no escape 

a constant knock 

on the door of her heart

saying she’s the whore

that she’s the slut

for boys who thought it fun to gang up

A whirlwind of bullies

to no end showed up

to tell her she is wrong

for getting too drunk

For indulging in what the whole world promotes as fun

for doing what you love

getting fucked up

You hypocrites so bent and broken

Surrounded by wolves 

And she with locks golden

hunted and preyed upon

You say it's her fault

for ending her life

missed out on growing up

But who is accountable for the boys with the blood

on their hands

sickness in their hearts

Who raised the boys to take her clothes off

when she wasn’t up.

If someone were to rob your home they’d be a criminal

everyone would know

So why isn’t it a crime each time

a Boy robs a Girl of her life

her body

her mind

her soul. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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